Market is down and I would suggest that the time is right to buy stock for your kids. Time is on their side. And time = money.

If your child is old enough, use this purchase as a teachable moment. Focus on a company your child is interested in and then go online and take a look. Talk about the competitors of that company and take a look at them. If possible, go and visit the company. I took 63 second graders to the McDonald’s shareholders meeting. (63 second graders and about 1000 people over 80!)

At the shareholder meeting the kids “tasted” next year’s possible new offerings and saw the “results” of the company in a highly graphic presentation by the CEO. The entire presentation was sprinkled with company commercials, many from other countries. For the first time these kids were seeing that McDonald’s was in other countries — not just their neighborhood.

We exited just before the animal rights activists started up — did not want to scare the kids — and left the meeting with a big bag full of Happy Meal toys. Snoopy with a sombrero? That prompted more conversation about the international side of the company.

I know it is not possible for everyone to attend such a meeting, but even going into the store of a possible stock interest makes the company come alive for kids and gives them the opportunity to touch and feel a possible stock purchase.

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Written by Susan Beacham
Susan Beacham founded Money Savvy Generation in 1999 after almost two decades in private banking and investment management complemented by considerable time teaching at the elementary level.

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