For the last four years, the Money Savvy Generation Foundation ( has partnered with Chicago City Treasurer Stephanie D. Neely to create a program that provides elementary and middle school students in Chicago Public Schools with lessons on the basics of personal finance.  This year the program focused on 3rd graders, and we were thrilled when 145 schools volunteered to present six hours of financial education lessons to over 11,200 students across Chicago.  

As the participating schools were completing the lessons in their classrooms, many teachers called to share their stories about their experience this year.  So this Summer we met with several of these teachers and principals to ask them personally about the impact the program had on their students and the students’ families.  What resulted is an 11-minute video that I am including for you today.  It answers the question “Could the Answer to the Financial Crisis Really Be in a 3rd Grade Classroom?”.    Answer: A resounding YES!

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Written by Susan Beacham
Susan Beacham founded Money Savvy Generation in 1999 after almost two decades in private banking and investment management complemented by considerable time teaching at the elementary level.

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